I am honored to be a speaker at the CFA Institute European Investment Conference:

We are living in a world of accelerating change in technology, politics, work, and the global climate and environment. In short: it is a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world to which we all need to adapt. This workshop introduces a framework that can be used to consciously transform pressing global challenges into opportunities for ourselves and our organizations. Participants learn how they can move their attention constructively from negative VUCA stress to embracing the opportunities provided by a changing environment.

  • How do we provide leadership and direction in a world of constant change – for ourselves and the people around us?
  • What are the centering, grounding principles of our day-to-day actions?
  • How can we use conflict and friction to actually improve inclusion and diversity?

Moderator: Peter Jakobus, CFA


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