New - Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment

The Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment is science-based 72-hour HRV measurement providing great insights into daily stress-recovery balance, restorative effects of sleep and health impact of physical activity.

I am now offering individual and group assessments. You can find more information here.

New - Wellbeing in the Finance Workplace

Starting 26 May we are offering free 30-minute webinars with impulses and exercises for improved mental and emotional health. This weekly series is tailored to the financial services industry. Anyone can join.

Please check the Mindful Finance Institute’s website for details.

About me

Authenticity, the way how we interact with and relate to ourselves and our environment, has a major impact on how much of our potential we can live. I believe, that we can live and work from our essence without having to put our lives upside down – if we have the courage to discover our authenticity, our calling, our purpose.

With curiosity, sensitivity, clarity, and respect – always person to person, be it as coach, facilitator, board member or colleague.

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Topics that I am especially interested in

There are a few topics that I am particularly interested in. Currently those are:

Embodied Communication

Successful communication is on the base of cooperation and leadership. „Embodied Communication“ moves beyond the classical levels of communication and beyond gesture and facial expressions by incorporating our embodiment. It draws on the neuroscientific models, by which we can get off autopilot (the „Default Mode Network“) by moving into our sense experience, in particular into feeling (the „Direct Experiencing Network“). We could also say that we move into our body-sense mind and thereby reduce the activity of our conceptual mind. In this way we can get into control of ourselves and communicate with clarity and from our authentic power.
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Conflict Resolution / Negotiation / Mediation

Conflict and confrontation: Many avoid them; others love them. How can we use conflict as an opportunity to actually deepen our relationships and get a better understanding of eachother? How can we move into negotiation pro-actively? Which preparations help us to be more flexible, with greater clearity and confidence in negotiations? And how do we handle emotions in conflict situations? Where is support helpful and reasonable?
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From VUCA to VUCA Prime

The combination of globalization, the almost immediate access to information and the „democratising“ of the distribution of information led us into a time of accelerated change and feelings of uncertainty, also called VUCA. We cannot undo these changes. However, we can balance them by using VUCA Prime and learning new soft skills.
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Im Winterwunderland

The Art of Relating*

We are always relating to something, at any given moment: To our fellow human beings (colleagues, supervisors, employees, partners, friends, strangers, family, …), our environment, our tasks and ourselves (thoughts, emotions, body, actions, …). The way of relating, the art of relating significantly influences our lives: Are we content, successful, unhappy, healthy? It is this “Art of Relating“ that is so important in leading a life of fulfillment. And we can actually learn and practice our own “Art of Relating”.

The modern (neuro)science have shown, that we live much of our lifes in our default mode network – on autopilot. And they also show us that there is an alternative: By using our direct experiencing network – the direct (sense-)perception – we can get off autopilot and start to gain conscious control over our thoughts, emotions and affects.

I first found a similar knowledge in the ancient „Inner Science of Mind and Phenomena“ of Buddhismus and Yoga, who studied and investigated the interrelation of feeling mind, conceptual mind and action more than a millenium ago. We can also find many exercises and practices to make this understanding and deep realization of those interrelations accessible and usable for our daily life.

* I first encountered the phrase “Art of Relating” in the “Unity in Duality” training in “Inner Science of Mind and Phenomena” of the Tarab Institute International. And in my opinion it is of such importance, that I am using it for my approach, too. I am deeply grateful for having had the ability to learn these things at the Tarab Institute. And I also am deeply grateful for all I have been learning at the FoxFire Institute as it has changed my relationships greatly.