In my coachings I will help you with changes – changes, that are needed due to outside pressures or wanted as a result of inner realization. I can support you on making important decisions and taking the next steps in your life as well as for your job success. Or for gaining clarity on a current problem or a current topic providing inspiration or being a sparring partner.

I am offering a space so that you can feel safe to be and experience your authentic self, to discover your strengths and weaknesses as well as your habits and potential. Then we can start your reorientation – for you in your whole self (in your mind, emotions, body and spirit) and in your environment (as leader, colleague, partner, managing director…).

“Conscious change requires the courage to acknowledge old habits, and the will and commitment to replace them with new habits. Small, positive steps can take us a long way.”

If you are simply looking for instructions, then you will be better served by others. I am interested in lasting solutions, in helping you discover your own potential and resources. (And yes, sometimes I will indeed have some instructions as part of the process…)

I am adjusting my style depending on my client and the situation: With clarity, being direct or indirect, sometimes fast, at others slow, constructive or demanding, and open for the needs that show up. Always respectful, perceptive and authentic.

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment
As a Certified Provider for the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment I am offering individual and group assessments based on a 72-hour heart rate variability (HRV) measurement. The assessment provides insights into the stress-recovery balance, restorative effects of sleep and health effect of physical activity. These can then be used to establish new, supportive habits for self-care and self-regulation. More information is available here.

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