(Self-)Leadership in the VUCA-World

I first learned about the term VUCA when I was asked to develop a workshop as part of a leadership development program. A large multinational had wanted to prepare its management for the new challenges and in particular for the accelerating changes and increased uncertainty and complexity at work. The result was a 4-hour life workshop, that later on was converted into a web-based training.

(Self-)Leadership in the VUCA-world incorporates our human neurophysiological set-up (brain-body-consciousness), our self-regulation mechanisms and exercises for mental and emotional resiliency. I am addressing in particular the effects of uncertainty, fast changes and ambiguities on our bodies and our perception. I am also presenting possibilities how we can become aware of our mental and emotional states and how we can regulate them.

VUCA can be approached and used as an opportunity: In this case we are using VUCA-Prime – Vision (or Purpose), Understanding, Clarity und Agility – as qualities in (self-)leadership, to take the changes and uncertainties in our environment and life with more ease.

Außerdem gibt es einige Führungsfähigkeiten (insbesondere konstruktive Depolarisierung, Dilemma-Flipping und Klarheit), die in einem VUCA-Umfeld von besonderer Bedeutung sind.

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