Coaching & Facilitation

There are a number of partners with whom I am working closely together or that I like to recommend:

Awaris GmbH in Cologne

Mindful Finance Institute with offices in Vienna, Cologne, Berlin and Boulder

Artus Experts in Berlin

Notebaert Consulting in Frankfurt am Main

school of facilitating in Berlin

Eriko Kopp-Makinose in Heidelberg

Michaela Bürger Consulting in Munich


And then there are those, whom I want to thank as they helped me, supported me and moved me ahead on my journey, inspired me:

goYippi Design: Kati Meden – thank you for your great talent in graphics design and your understanding and professional support in giving birth to this website. Christian Roth for your clarity, recommendations, reliability, high quality and also your keen perspective on details in implementing this website – thank you!

Grit Siwonia for your open-minded, sensitive and allowing mindset – so that I could really show who I am at our shooting.

Karoliina Paasonen for your deep insight and experience and your ability to hold the space, so that I can be my true self even in front of the camera.

FoxFire Institute– Alex, for the many years of mentorship, insight, healing, transformation, laughter, your loving and compassionate counseling and supervision and guidance and all the precious moments I had with you. And the FoxFire community for your support, peer guidance, joy, sincerety and dedication and all the other qualities unnamed here.

Tarab Institute and in particular Lene Handberg for your teachings, wisdom and compassion and all the realizations and insights I gained during the many hours of training, meditation, investigation and reading, the transformation, the joy and the deep re-connection to myself – and the joy of bad dreams ;-).